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Re: [MOL] Hey Pam this one is for you

Hey PJ...Thanks for the lovely poem...I'm adding it to my meditation 
collection.  It took me on a wonderful trip to a calm and peaceful place.
God Bless.
John wrote:
> Hi Pam.  When I first read this poem I must confess I thought of you.
> Whenever I read your posts it reminds me of this poem.
> Love, Hugs, Kisses
> PJ
> Hey I'm still waiting for the SNOW.  Send it again the 1st message was
> slushy!!!!
> There is a cabin of my dreams
> To which I often go,
> Sometimes amid the Autumn leaves
> Or nestled in the snow.
> Itís close beside a crystal stream,
> Wherein I often swim,
> And there are deer who never mind
> That I am watching them.
> There is a cabin of my dreams,
> Rustic, quaint and small,
> And yet I feel when I am there
> I surely have it all.
> It has two ample windows
> Through which the sunlight streams,
> And when dusk falls, the honeysuckle
> Drifts into my dreams.
> There is no need to lock the door,
> No one lives out this far,
> And I do very well indeed
> Without a bus or car.
> Iíve spent some happy hours
> On that bench beneath the trees,
> My homemade bread is sweetened
> With wild honey from the bees.
> Because one cannot see it
> Doesnít mean it isnít there,
> It is my secret refuge
> >From a world so full of care.
> Within its walls an atmosphere
> Of tree simplicity,
> And we are one, who dwell within,
> ÖMy little dog and me.
> Written by Grace E. Easley
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