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PJ... Lil has graciously loaned me her computer...she isn't feeling real
perky, but a good nights sleep can work wonders...  Anyway, this is Carla
and I just wanted to tell you to tell whoever it is who keeps saying that
hospice and death are options, stay the heck away from them.  I just can't
believe some of these "professionals"!!!!  LOL!!

Anyway, I do believe in my heart that it would serve you well to also bring
the surgeon who did the surgery up to speed on your mom..  This is not
about her hurting someones feelings, this is about her survival and getting
to the just of something with the best results and the least invasion..  
So make her care a team effort and it might help to explain it to her that
way.. these days, one doctor or type of doctor is not an island.  We have
gone into specialties and as such it takes a team.  It is not like the 50's
where father knew best and so did your one and only general MD...

I wish you all the best dear heart and go forward, not backward... 
Remember that you will have alot of people here to share and alot of hearts
to lift you up in prayer... God Bless you and your mom.. Carla

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