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[MOL] Christine..

Hey there!!  I got so tickled at your email about telling that Lil was back
on by the amount of email that you received today, that I just had to
respond...  She is resting tonight, but I am trying to make up for some of
her lost time!  hehehe!!

The truth is that this is making her crazy that I am online and she is
resting... She keeps coming in and asking me questions and I keep saying
that she is to be resting, but if she wants.. she can have her computer
back and she goes back to the couch with a look of torture on her face!! 
My ears are sure gonna be burning during the flight home on Thursday... She
will have a ball, catching up with everyone and no computer keyboard
competition!!  ROTFLOL!!

Oh well, I had better go catch up on a few more things.. You take good care
my friend!!  Love and hugs, Carla

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