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[MOL] Martha

Lil will be writing you soon, I am sure.. but she is resting tonight..  She
has one more day to put up with me and then I am off and back to the
North...  I just wanted to let you know that Lil actually got a breathing
machine APRIA for sleep...  It doesn't pump oxygen, but rather air is
forced into the respiratory system...  She is sleeping much better with it
and very glad that she has it...

I will let her know that you are thinking of her and I do know that she
will be glad to get into her own routine again...  Company is great, but
they are even better guests when they have gone home!! LOL!!  So accept
this hug from me and know that you will be in my prayers and Lil's...  Keep
your heart and mind focused on God and you will be able to get through the
next phase of this journey...  Love to you gal... Carla

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