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[MOL] Mary...

Mary my friend.. please don't go stressing yourself about Angelo's reaction
to Friday night...  He will react as he will...  Now you can try to talk
with him about it all and help to understand his feelings and exactly how
he is feeling, but don't you go putting all the responsibility on yourself
my dear...

The people who know him and love him are doing what is in their hearts to
do and they will understand whatever comes from him...  You know that is
the wonderful thing about caring...we care without expectations.  Those who
expect, will soon be departed of their desires..!!  LOL!

Lil is resting on the couch this evening...  I'm afraid that she has worn
herself out keeping up with me..  I am the typical tourist who wants to see
it all and Lil is the typical hostess who wants to take me everywhere that
mah lil' ol' heart desires.. so she has been working hard to go, go, go... 
I must admit that I will feel better when I return to Ohio on Thursday, as
I know that it will allow her to resume her own daily routine..

I don't think that I could ever explain just how wonderful this trip has
been for we gals...  I am sure that you can understand...  Well Mary... you
just lift all those concerns and fears up to God and then go forth with a
smile and embrace Friday night.. It truly will be wonderful...no matter
what is is...

Much love to you and God Bless you, Angelo and the kids...  Hugs.. Carla
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