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[MOL] Thanks Christine

Thanks for the post christine.  You are a sweetie. You are correct when you
said Mom will be OKAY.  And that the cancer isn't the problem cause the CEA is
low.  It's just that this stupid doc just likes to say HOSPICE.  In January
when she said it I was upset and now I'M ANGRY.  She needs to show a little
more compassion and not be too quick to let someone die.  I quess that is why
the other docs don't get her advice.  Thank god she isn't a surgeon.  But I do
blame her (I'm sorry to say it But I do) for mom's progression of cancer
because in the 9 years of treating mom she never gave her a stool test or a
rectal exam.  The 1st rectal she gave mom was in front of me about 8. months
ago.  when I asked mom what the matter was she said "she never has done this
before". DOES THAT MAKE SENSE.  Mom isn't a doc and she doesn't know what to
ask for during a physical.  I don't even think this doc ever gave her a
complete cuase the surgeon said in January that the tumor/mass was an oldie.
She really missed the boat with mom.  But believe you me there won't be
hospice for my mom now she is a fight just like the MOL FORUM.  All of you who
have cancer in one way or the other give hope and love to all.  You are all
truly remarkable individuals.  
With Love
Love, Hugs, Kisses
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