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[MOL] Aussie Speak/John, Chris, etc.

Ok Chris,
First of all, you were pretty close when you asked about what a nong is,
and followed it by saying you are a bit thick, and blonde. I couldn't help
laughing at that. A nong is exactly that....someone who is a bit thick!
hehehehe (I am a blonde too!) As to whether I have an accent, my husband
reckons I sound like a pommy! (english person). Now to John; Have you gone
soft in the head mate? How can a New Zealander (Kiwi) be a fellow
countyman??? Unless he lives here now? (I promise no sheep stories! lol)
And as to what I would have said, it would have sounded like 'Bloody Septic
Tanks!' (Yanks) and of course then there is Steak and Kidney (Sydney),
Trouble and Strife (wife), Noahs arks (sharks), Mexicans (Victorians),
foreigners (Queenslanders), etc. 
Now for the next alphabetical installment:

caboodle - all, everything. eg. they took the whole kit and caboodle!
cake hole - mouth
can - prison, toilet, buttocks or bum, dismiss unfavourably (could be any
of these!)
captain cook - have a look (rhyming slang)
cas - casualty ward at a hospital (your equivalent is the ER)
catfight - fight or argument between women
catching flies - yawning or sleeping with the mouth open
catch you later - form of farewell
cats whiskers - great terrific excellent! eg. he thinks he is the cats
cheapskate - mean person eg. scrooge is a good example!
chuck a mental/spas/wobbly- display sudden anger
clanger - an embarrassing remark eg. During his speech, the primeminister
dropped a real clanger.

more later, ciao
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