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[MOL] Bill

My Dear Friend Bill:
   Please excuse me for putting this message over the line; however due to
all my computer problems I must search out for my address book.
   I know how heavy your heart is, not only for the loss of your wonderful
wife; but for the pain that your daughter is going through.  In the time
that I have corresponded with you I want to assure you about one thing. 
You did everything the right way, and there is a right way of letting
someone leave us.  Carry this in your heart. You cannot change things that
are not in your control and this was not in your control.  You were a
wonderful husband, I could read it in your e-mails to me.  Now your energy
is to not go with-in yourself for your daughters sake.  Talk, talk, and
talk, cry togeather and someday the pain will ease.  I know this part of
the journey you will do equally as well, I have much confidence in you.  
   Sometimes it is difficult to stay with MOL after we loose our love one,
if this is so for you, know that we understand and that anytime you want to
talk with us we are always here for you.  Our prayers and love will never
leave your side as you pick up the pieces and move forward in life.  I hope
that every so often you can find it in your heart just to let us know how
the two of you are doing.  May God always be with you both, love, your
friend, lillian

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