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[MOL] Dearest Friends From Auntie Lil..

Goodness, I did not think Carla would ever let me have my computer back! 
Yes, I confess, I missed each and everyone of our very special molers, the
sunshine of my life.  Nanc had the computer up and going, I sent messages,
closed out and couldn't get it running again.  Heart Failures!  Nanc, her
dear son and Carla and I worked so hard last night on it and again this
morning and here we are folks!  I wish I could write each of you a seperate
e-mail; but there were 879 messages and they are still coming in.  Know
that all were read, with some I laughed, with other's the tear's came to my
eyes.  Friday, I will be able to respond to my dear friends on this line,
that is if this blasted computer does not go down again.  Carla is afraid
to let me near it.  I must tell you Barbara is a real gem, truly a
remarkable woman, what an honor to meet her and ofcourse we all know about
our Carla.  The visit from Nanc and Don was super, too short, Nanc you are
something else friend.  This has been like a Cancer R&R.  We meditated,
spoke of cancer; but laughed our heads off about things no one else would
understand and perhaps think of us as nuts!  Ok.  I'll admite it, I will be
in the next room with Mrs. "CLEAN"  Christine....lol !  My dear, dear Bill,
I am writing you seperately.  Talk to you reall soon everyone, hang in
there and remember the song "you gotta have hope"!  Love you, Auntie Lil 
Great!  Just found out my spell check is not working......what next?

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