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[MOL] Jim Wright

Dear Jim,
G'day. My name is Marianne, (better known as Mam). My husband Wayne and I
are on the mol cancer list because we came across it when searching for
information on colon cancer, as Wayne's sister Lisa was diagnosed with it.
She also had metastasis to the liver, and underwent chemotherapy.
Unfortunately, we lost her in July of this year. We stayed on the list
however, because it is full of prople who are loving, caring, and surviving
against all odds. I think you will find lots of support from this group, so
hang in there mate. There are already prayers, good wishes and guardian
angels sent your way. Any information you need is only a question away. I
can't tell you much about services in your area, since I am in Australia,
but I can do searches, send jokes, and be generally cheerfull! Take care of
you and yours, and I think that Dee is doing a wonderful job, keeping in
touch with us about your progress. Hang in there mate!
Love Wayne and Mam.
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