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[MOL] Pam.

Welcome back Pam. That must have been some snowstorm. I'm glad you have a
woodstove. If you were dependent on electricity for heat, you would have
been in real trouble.

>Hello everyone!  I have been offline for some time now and I see there are
>several newcomers!  Welcome!  Our electricity was off for a full 6 days due
>to a snow storm last Friday.  We four households out here in the boondocks
>have the distinction of being the last of 20,000 to have our service
>restored!  We were going to town to take showers; drawing drinking water
>from the basement well; darting to the outhouse; cooking on the top of the
>woodstove; and playing cards every night by old-fashioned lantern light!
>Not my idea of fun, but the quiet was actually pretty peaceful!!!!
>Anyways, glad to have the computer back and to return to the
>civilized/technological lifestyle!
>later...pam in Wyoming

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