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Re: [MOL]Joicy

Thank you, Joicy.  

As for me I want to storm the doors of the nearest diagnostic center and
make them work on me till the primary site is found.

When I first began on this list someone mailed me a list of 6 hospitals
that specialized in finding primary sites.  Also one of my friends in
Pittsburgh told me that one of the hospitals there just got a very
expensive machine whose only use is to help diagnose cancer.  

Am going to talk to my doctor about this next week.  

Excuse me, but I'm going from my frightened mode to my fighting mode! LOL

At 10:41 PM 10/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Suzanne,
>You got some hard news, and I am so very sorry to hear it. But anything
>could happen, and you mustn't be discouraged. You're a fighter, and i
>just know you're going to beat this thing. So hang tough and know that
>I'm storming the gates of heaven for you, as I know your many friends
>are are. Love you, Joicy
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