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Hi Laura,
Have you called Hospice yet?  Sure seems to me like you need some other
Doctors.  To me it just seems like there is something wrong with this picture,
you know what I mean.  Get on you knees and pray for God to help you to find
some answers.  Maybe Hospice could help with your answers.  Just call and talk
to them and see what they have to say.  There has got to be help for you
somewhere.  Just don't give up til you try all the resources first.  Please
keep in touch.
Love and prayers to you and your Mother,

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] Re: Your Letters
 Date:	10/23/98 9:48:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time
 Hello everyone...
 I wanted to thank you all for the support I have felt receiving and reading
 all the unfortunately was taken to the hospital on Thursday.
 After all this time, they did some tests and found that her kidneys are not
 working properly.  Although they have yet to explain the uncontrolable all their wisdom, they gave mom an enema before her proctoscope
 (remember, she has had diarhea for four weeks and has no control over her
 bowels).  She was totally incoherent went I went to see her today...
 When I am there, the doctors don't do anything without asking me first yet
 they fail to call me when decisions need to be made...what's up with all
 I can feel myself losing her...she is only 60 years I pray for her
 live or pray for her suffering to end?
 Your Friend,
 Laura >>
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