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Hi Greg,
I would think that your lady friend knows what is going on and she must really
care to still want to come to your side, I didn't know men worried about stuff
like that, she's one lucky girl and you my friend are a lucky guy to have a
girl like that, and you just let her worry about how she will deal with things
now or after you are gone, but then you might be in that small percent and
then you might find yourself married, LOL, and that's no yoke.  I have a big
cheering section here in Michigan, and we have God on our side, so you just
hang in there and enjoy that girl of yours.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

In a message dated 10/23/98 2:39:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Hi Kathy,
 So glad you feel great today!  :)  That's such a good thing to hear!   Hope
 every day keeps getting better!   
 About what type of cancer I have, it's non-hodgkins lymphoma, burkitt's type.
 Have been dx'd since last march I guess, sick since last november though
 (seems like longer than a year..what a haul).  Anyway, haven't responded well
 to chemo or radiation and found out yest. the tumor on my liver is larger and
 the kidney tumor was confirmed malignant also, so pretty bummed out but not
 I have a general question though/relationship issue..was wondering how you
 felt about this....   I have a close female friend, have been having a long-
 distance relationship with her..she wants to be with me/visit and I'm having
 panic attacks about her seeing me sick/like this.  She says my appearance
 doesn't matter to her, but I'm so self conscious about my body, problems,
 feeding tube, all that..  I keep pushing her away I guess, but I'm really
 afraid of hurting her more if this relationship progresses.  I know I
 shouldn't push people away, but I feel like I'm hurting her with every
 conversation, every hospitalization..she cries almost every time we talk..  I
 just feel like maybe she'd be a lot happier without me.  Also worry about how
 she be if I die...  Just don't know how do cope with this..  any ideas?
 thanks  greg >>
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