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Re: [MOL] Nanc (Thanks to all of you)

Hi Judy,
I know that Joicy was right too, I also agree with her, and thank her so much
to help me see the light of it all, I feel that God is close to me on this
one.  I really thank all the MOL's support, I don't know how I got along
without all of you.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

In a message dated 10/23/98 11:37:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

<< Dear Nanc,
 I agree with Joicy.  All you can do now is put it in Gods hands.  He'll know
 what to do.  We are all praying for you grandson and daughter.  Maybe with
 our prayers something will come out all right.  Maybe not if that's what his
 plan is for them.  I am sending giant HUGS and KISSES to you right this
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