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RE: [MOL] kathy, MOlers

Title: RE: [MOL] kathy, MOlers

Greg:  Sweetheart, you have been through HELL -- and you're obviously such a good guy.  I know how you feel.  I felt humiliated last winter when I couldn't bathe myself without help -- and I had absolutely no hair.  No eyebrows, eyelashes, etc., plus this contraption sticking out of my chest.  I didn't even feel human!  My husband would bathe me, put my pajamas on for me and tuck me in bed.  He'd kiss my bald head, and I'd cry.  We didn't think I was going to make it then.  Greg, I was so grateful for his love and affection, and that of the rest of my family.  They didn't care how I looked.  Believe her when she says it doesn't matter -- because it doesn't!  She wants to be with you.  Let her in.  She'll be hurt a lot worse if you continue to shut her out; besides, you need her.  You're a fine young man -- that's obvious, but be a little selfish -- please.  This is how I feel.  If I'm wrong, I'm wrong -- but I don't think so.  Love to you -- Kathy