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RE: [MOL] Fwd: Questions from Judy S.

Title: RE: [MOL] Fwd: Questions from Judy S.

Dear Judy:  He's right -- the house will still be there.  I couldn't do much of anything, either, so my husband got me a cleaning lady.  She'd come in on Fridays and talk my ear off.  However, she does a great job -- she's very large and strong.  Now on Fridays I'm at work, so she has to talk to the dogs.  Norman seems a little exhausted on Friday evenings, so I know it's been a little rough on him, but he's an extremely polite little dog.  For your information, my poor husband is over 8 years my junior, and sometimes he has trouble keeping up with me -- NOW, not THEN!  I'll certainly think about it, hon.  It would be a thrill for me to go to New Orleans.  Maybe I could see Ann Rice lurking around.  There are two places I'd love to see -- New Orleans and Savannah.  Who knows?  Maybe.  I enjoy this forum so much, don't you?  Meeting such neat people.  Now, get better!  Love, Kathy