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Hi everyone.  My mom was rushed to hospital today.  She has a blockage in her
stomach somewhere.  I just found this out because she told my uncle who lives
with her not to tell me she was in the hospital to tell her that she was
Well I finally made my uncle tell me what was going on and he said she has
been having a burning feeling in her stomach since sunday.  Last Wednesday was
her last chemo for this series of doses.  It seems that every 6 weeks after
her last treatment she feels this way.  The last time they concluded that
maybe it was a gallbladder problem but the doctors gave her medicine and the
bladder seemed to cool down and the episode disappeared.  I have lost count on
how many doses of chemo 5FU she has had since February.  

On Sunday she felt so great she ate alot.

Also a surgeon saw her and said she had some blockage and that they would put
a tube in her nose to get bile out and no food.  My mom wants water.  But they
said no.  She may come home tommorow if blockage passes.  

I'm sure this is happening because  when she was operated in January the
surgeon took her two intestines and made one.  Because the cancer mass was too
large and she would be have difficulty passing food.  But now this problem
seems to have two times.  SInce I didn't find out she was in the hospital
under 7:00p.m. No doctor is in to call me back. 

The other thing I'm thinking is my mom has no teeth in her mouth in the upper
portion.  Since she lost so much weight around 70lbs her false teeth don't
fit.  It is my assumption that she may be eating and not chewing properly.  I
will mention this to the doctor.  Just pray please that this has nothing to do
with the cancer.

If you don't mind saying a quick prayer for my mom Dolly.  I would certainly
appreciated it.   Sorry for the rambling on but I'm so lost here in New York
while she is in Florida but my uncle said that there is no reason to come
there since they might send her home in the morning.

Also any infomation regarding this would be great.

Love, Hugs, Kisses
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