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Re: [MOL] Primary Liver Cancer

  I am sorry to here of the illness of your family member . It is great that
he has someone to take an active part in his treatment . You will find
resources at the M.D. Andersen Cancer Center for alternative therapies .
Http:// ( go to the alternative therapies page and
click on "agents" , then follow them on throught o the information you need ).
They have the most quantifiable information on alternative treatments I have
found so far . If my memory serves me correctly , they are conducting trials
with green tea .

Http://   has great info on new conventional treatments and
options ( click on the "news " but and check medical oncology ).

Http:// ( a search page that allows you to search for
alternative therapies on 6 major search engines at the same time )

One word of caution on the the subject of alternative treatments .
Please communicate with the doctor as to what you are doing , as 
the active element of any " natural " treatment is one or more seperate
chemicals or compounds and chemicals are DRUGS by any other name.
An oncologist who moderated a support group in Omaha , Ne , recounted an
experience during his practice . A child was being treated for acute
lymphocytic leukemia . They were using Elspar ( Asparaginase depletes
Asparagine , a nonessential amino acid , from the body ) as part of the
protocol and had done the Asparagine Dependence Test but due to a
misunderstading or miscommunication , the childs mother was supplementing the
childs diet at home with  Asparagine from the health food store . The Elspar
depleted the aspargine in the childs system and given some malignant cells are
unble to synthesize the amino acid due to a metabolic defect , the lack of
Asparagine available in the body can aid in destroying malignant cells .
Taking a single amino acid is questionable for anyone from a dietary stand
point , but in this case was undermining the pharmacological action of the
treatment .
He was not casting blame but rather encouraging good communication between
doctors , patients , and or caregivers . With that in mind
good hunting and hang tough .
Joseph Cane
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