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Re: [MOL] nanc

Hi Nanc,

Would have loved to have met you, but do understand schedules.  :)  Glad to
hear the bone scan is not too big a deal, even if it is a long one.  Take
meds and wait three hours.  Such fun!  Still sick, sick, sick.
Thank you for writing.


At 09:55 PM 10/20/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi Suzanne,
>I'm sorry we didn't come that way to meet you, but I had to go back to my
>daughters house to paint my grandson's bedroom, it really turned out nice.
>Also I'm sorry to hear your not feeling to good and running scared about the
>bone scan, we were there and done that just before we went on our trip, but
>all was well for Don, the scan was a piece of cake, it's the results that
>drive you nuts waiting, right?  You take care and know that we are thinking
>and praying for you.  Keep me posted.
>Love and prayers to you and yours,
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