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[MOL] New Cancer Clinical Trials

Good Morning My Friends,

Thought you would like to know the following information.

God Bless 
marty auslander

New Cancer Clinical Trials 

Study of patients with epithelial adenocarcinoma of ovarian, tubal or 
peritoneal origin who had a complete clinical response to their primary 
treatment (surgery and chemotherapy). This study is being conducted in: 
- Vancouver, BC 

This research trial will study the effectiveness of investigational i.v. 
zoledronate (4 mg and/or 8 mg) vs. Aredia 90 mg in preventing 
skeletal-related events. Patients with bone metastases from multiple
and breast cancer are eligible. This study is being conducted in: 
- Seattle, WA 

Study of an investigational treatment, a ribonuclease protein, for 
malignant mesothelioma patients. This study is being conducted in: 
- Portsmouth, VA 
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