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Re: [MOL] Alternative/Complementary Healing

Welcome to Dr. Mehl-Madrona --
How great to encounter an open mind, inquiring into the complementary
processes that are possible to use in bringing benefits to cancer patients.

I am the wife of a cancer patient (met. colon cancer, Stage 4 at diagnosis in
Jan.), and I am a Reiki practitioner.  I would be interested in hearing if
your area of interest in complementary medicine includes gentle, hands-on
healing modalities such as Reiki.

I feel that the use of Reiki has greatly facilitated my husband's level of
comfort during chemo, and personally, I deeply wonder if he would have
survived the post-surgical time without it. (And for its help for me too,
getting through the initial heartbreak and stress.)

 I have often wondered if complementary healing practices such as Reiki were
understood, or even known of, in any facet of the cancer treatment medical
community.  I would look forward to hearing any comments the doctor might wish
to share.   If I were "King of the World" <the kids' favorite phrase<G>), I
would put a Reiki volunteer in every chemo suite in every hospital, to bring
some light and hope and comfort to every patient and their caregivers.

As an aside note, I just found myself on this mailing list a couple of days
ago (not real sure what triggered my inclusion in this mailing list?). While I
was delighted to see the many warm and caring items of correspondence, I was
overwhelmed with the receipt of nearly 40 pieces of email in a day, and
responded to please remove me from the list.  I didn't know if my limited time
could accommodate handing such a huge onslaught of mail.  SO, since I returned
the "Remove me from the list" response to the first day's mail, I suppose I'll
be off of the list any day now.  I am, however, still deeply interested in
hearing from anyone, or in offering any information to anyone, who might wish
to pursue learning about the kind, caring, stress-reducing benefits of Reiki.
There are Reiki practitioners all over the country.  While I don't have the
time to participate in this big mailing list group, anyone in this group may
feel welcome to contact me via e-mail if they have any questions about Reiki
and the benefits we've found.  I hope the Dr. will include me as a "Copy To"
if there is any info related to hands-on healing that might help me in caring
for my husband.

Many good wishes, happy thoughts, and positive healing prayers to you all,
~~~ Jean L.
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