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[MOL] Tuesdays Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul...

Good Morning My Friends,

The following is Tuesdays helping of "chicken soup for the soul", enjoy
and do come back for the lox and bagels as well. 

One Moment Please
       "So, how do you develop a relationship?" This question 
  was asked of me when I was doing a Relationship Service 
  seminar for the YMCA. I have to admit that the question 
  caught me off guard for a brief second. We had been talking 
  "theory" all day and this woman wanted some concrete methods 
  for developing client or, for that matter, any relationship.
       After pausing for a minute to collect my thoughts, I 
  stated that the only thing I could do was tell her the truth 
  from my experience. Somewhat shyly, I began to tell her the 
  story of how my wife and I saved our relationship. My mind 
  flashed back to a time when Karen and I were at a State Fair 
  and I won two red velvet hearts as a consolation prize in 
  one of the midway games. I broke apart the two hearts and 
  gave one to Karen and kept one for myself.
       We had been married for 10 years and were going through 
  a bit of a "flat spot" in our relationship. We still loved 
  each other, but something was missing.
       Karen did not want the "flatness" to continue so one 
  day she came up with a plan. She took one of the hearts and 
  hid it in my towel while I was taking a shower. When I went 
  to grab my towel, the red heart spilled out. As I bent down 
  to pick it up, I was overcome with a rush of emotion that 
  made me flash back to the time when I won the red hearts and 
  the love we felt for each other at that moment.
       I then hid the heart in her sock drawer. She hid it in 
  my underwear drawer. I hid it in the refrigerator. She 
  wrapped it in plastic wrap and hid it in the peanut butter. 
  Hiding the heart became as much fun as finding it. Each time 
  we hid or found it was a moment to be treasured, like the 
  first moment we fell in love or the first moment we kissed 
  or the first moment we looked into our child's eyes. Each is 
  a cherished and precious moment.
       How do you develop a relationship? One moment at a 
My perspective of relationships is this: I have been blessed to be the
partner of a great lady where we have built up a relationship for 30
years in marriage and friends with so many where time and toils and
troubles develop but nevertheless relationships become stronger thru
those times. I have been fortunate to have even stronger relationships
as a result of the disease called c......This diseases has brought much
into our life in terms of strength, love, devotion, dedication but
mostly the warmth and concern and compassion and caring from those great
souls who wish to build up relationships, long, quality lasting. For
that, that is the essence of life.....relationships that fill our hearts
with joy.

God Bless
marty auslander
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