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Re: [MOL] John re: one of those days

Dear Diane,
I just finished reading your letter to John.  I to have breast cancer.  I had
a lumpectomy this past July 3rd.  Well, had to have 2 operations.  It was July
4th weekend and the pathologist decided to go home before they knew what kind
of cancer or what ever.  So back in to the hospital the next week I went.  Had
24 lymph nodes taken out and tissue surrounding the tumor.  I started on Tiox.
and took it for 4 weeks.  But, my cancer was not hormonal.  Meaning it didn't
feed on my harmonies.  So I opted to get off of the med.  I am in my 3rd chemo
treatment with 3 to go.  Then I have 33 treatments of radiation.  At first I
to was very depressed, but my MOl family and friends surely wouldn't stand for
it.  I was so upset about loosing my hair, they all made jokes.  I soon got
out of that.  You will find that this is not only for people who have cancer,
but those who are family, friends, just about anyone who has anything to do
with cancer are here.  You have a right to vent, to cry to yell and say "Why
my daughter."  This is natural.  But, now we get over with our frustrations,
etc.  We go on.  We have to have a positive attitude to survive cancer.  I
should say to beat cancer.  We are here to help you and your daughter with
your journey.  We will laugh with you and sometimes cry with.  Others will
give you information.  Lets see, that would be Marty, Lil, Clare, and oh gosh
I forgot who else.  Me, I don't talk much, but when I do look out!  LOL Please
feel free to vent here anytime thats what this forum is all about.  Helping
others with what we are going thru.
Love and Hugs,
Judy Simonds (JUD814)
P.S. e-mail me if you just want to talk.  Or your daughter.  Would love to
meet her.
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