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[MOL] John re: one of those days

Dear John,
	Your note was so touching not to mention beautifully written.  I know that
each & every one of us whether we are a cancer patient, survivor or
caretaker, have a lot to be thankful for.  I look around me everyday & count
my blessings.  I'm just having a bit of a time with depression lately.  Very
unlike me so I guess I'm not coping with it very well.  I actually made an
appt. to see someone tomorrow, maybe I just need a little help to get me
back on track.  It's just been a bad year or year & a half.  I think it's
just the combination of a lot of things.  I have always been able to take
care of whatever came my way.  My siblings, Mom, children, could always rely
on me. (Comes from being the oldest of 6 kids).  Anyway, I'm just a little
under the weather but I know it will get much better.  I don't think I'm
feeling sorry for myself, just a little frustrated & feeling a little lost
sometimes.  I didn't realize that came through on my note.  I am working on
it.  Thanks for your thoughts & thanks for caring.
	Also, my daughter talked to a 44 year old nurse today with the same type of
breast cancer as my daughter, with the exception of Pagets disease.  She
told my daughter that she did her own research into Tamoxifen also & she
opted to try it.  She is also pre-menopausal & so far has had no side
effects.  (I believe she has been taking it for about 4 to 6 weeks.)  I
think my daughter is leaning toward taking the Tamoxifen.  She just feels
that it is added insurance.  I am uneasy about it but only she knows how she
feels & she must use her own judgement.  At least she is researching it,
talking to other patients & she has joined a Breast Cancer Group.  She has a
few unanswered questions for the oncologist, then she'll make up her mind.
	John, thank you again, for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.


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