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[MOL] AdenoCarcinoa-Esophagus

I am searching for info on Adeno Carcinoma. My husband's aunt,
age 85 has been diagnosed with this type of cancer and it has affected her
esophagus. She has a history of good overall health with no smoking or
alcohol consumption. I do not know her history of gastro illnesses. Her
main symptoms are frequent vomiting of food, coughing up phlegm and has had
a dramatic weight loss in the past 8 weeks. She ingests meal supplements
and is still eating some solid food. She doesn't complain of any pain. She
has had a number of diagnostic tests including barium x-ray and an
endoscopy. I understand they have dilated her esophagus, a treatment which
is available to her again if she requires it. My mother-in-law is now
caring for her and has arranged home nursing care, however, she would like
to read as much information as possible on this type of cancer as the
doctors have predicted survival for 3-6 months from October 1/98. Our aunt
has specifically indicated she does not want any medical treatment for her
condition. Can you please provide any information or web sites with
relevant information for the lay person? Sorry for the lengthy request and
I thank you for your consideration.
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