[MOL] Fellow molers... I will be quiet for awhile!! [01443] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Fellow molers... I will be quiet for awhile!!

Just wanted to let you all know that Lil's computer has crashed again.. I talked with her yesterday and she is really bummed out..  She really misses everyone and sends you all a hug...
Also, I am going to be flying down to Lil's tomorrow.. While I am on my Southern tour I will also go to Charleston and Hilton Head..  I truly love history and architecture and so this should be a wonderful trip/tour for me.  I will also be staying on the ocean for a few days..  So my last trip was the mountains and waterfalls and this one is the ocean and plantations...  What a very good thing!!
The bad thing is that I will miss you all, so I have decided to pack you up and put all your spirits in my carry on.. So when you notice a salty smell, we are walking on the beach and when you feel the touch of moss we are touring a plantation and of course..  when your wallet is thinning out.. we have been shopping!!  LOL!!  You know I will be in all of the little stores too!  :-)
This is a wonderful thing for my heart as it is tired and needs to rest and rejuvenate...  I hope that I will come back much more in touch with what I want to do...  God Bless you all.. You are good friends and great people and I am so honored to share this journey with all of you...  Love to you and many hugs.....  Carla