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Dear Molers,

Hi!  I am still here.  Things have been very busy.  I am working hard on my
student teaching.  My Dean came up to visit last week.  I was really
nervous because she is really a pretty tough lady, but she was really nice.
 I've never seen her so nice.  But mine is not to reason why.  Everybody
knows about my health and everything.

I made contact 10/6 with the doctor from Sloan.  She had some immediately
observable skills which were far advanced than those of my doctor at
Columbia-Preby.  She can talk to me and listen to me and make me feel like
a person all at the same time.  So it seems a good change.  At the same
time, the idea of making the change is very scary to me.  I've been going
to Columbia-Presby. since 1983.  But I figure it's time for me to move on. 
My breast surgeon at Columbia is dead; my plastic surgeon is retired, and
the people I've meet in oncology do not seem to me to be of their caliber. 

My onc at Sloan is going to have me in for some new scans on 10/26.  She
wants to see the opacities shown on scans this past August on my lungs and
rectus muscle to have shrunk, at least.  If not, she says we'll try another
hormone or maybe chemo.  That scared me too.  But I am more comfortable
with her approach to treatment.  I could never quite make it compute in my
head when  my old onc told me about the scans but that he didn't think I
needed to do anything about it.  And I know that if I need chemo, the
people at Sloan will certainly make me as comfortable as I can possibly be.

Besides this, I've been spending a lot of time fighting with ENT doctors at
Columbia.  I had a laryngoplasty for a paralyzed vocal cord.  It worked for
awhile and then I went back to coughing and my voice got all squeaky.  I
kept going back to the ENT, and he wasn't really helping me, so I did the
unthinkable; I made an appointment for a consult with his boss.  This guy,
who's the head of the dept., said he would do the surgery again.  And then
all of sudden he started going sour; sort of saying how he didn't know if
it would help and I probably got the best result I was going to get from my
first surgery. I sent them off some faxes, politely but plainly suggesting
that the first doctor was trying to bollux things up because he didn't want
me to make him look bad.  They got kind of scared.  We had some phone
calls.  They know my husband is a lawyer and I'm sure were afraid I was
going to sue them.

Anyway, I calmed them down.  The head of the dept. is getting some new
equipment they've just come out with that they say has refined this type of
surgery.  As soon as it comes in, he will do it.  I don't know what will
be.  He says I may have had some damage to the nerve which goes to my vocal
chord.  But I'll at least feel I tried.

Otherwise, my husband and son are great.  I am still enjoying the new
I am reading good books, staying centered, thinking positive thoughts and
trying to enjoy every day to it's fullest.  I am making my profession of
faith as a Catholic this Sunday, which I am very happy about.  We have
pretty good insurance, but my dad gave us a little money for the bills it
doesn't cover, which was nice.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.  I am sending everyone lots of big
cyberhugs and pats on the head.


Martha Cerreto       

P.S.:  John L., I hope you are reading.  I am very excited about what you
are doing and would like to help if I can.  Please also let me know about
the support group you are going to start.  I will be there with bells on!

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