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In a message dated 10/14/98 1:34:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

 Susan, I was so glad that you found this sight and posted the question about
your friend.. Can he survive, when the doctors have said it is terminal.. the
answer is absolutely yes! >>

      Dear Carla: My God, girl, you do have such a beautiful way with words,
now don't you.                                                                
      I was reading your post to Susan and it occurred to me: the doctor in
question did something wrong. He tried to take hope away. But what that fool
doesn't realize is, that life is terminal; so he sure missed his opportunity
to help his patient with a positive attitude.
      I recommend to Susan, and I hope she's watching for more responses, that
she call 1-800-433-0464, the Annette and Richard Bloch Foundation, and ask for
their free books. The book "Fighting Cancer" should help put things in the
proper perspective for these guys. Richard Bloch (of H and R Bloch) was
misdiagnosed twice and on the third try told he was a terminal lung cancer
patient and to get his stuff in order.
      Well, guess what? They did not accept this, and found an oncologist with
a positive attitude and successfully beat the disease. 

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