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Re: [MOL] Re: Clinical trials

      Dear Pam: I hear you on the cure and there aren't too many certainties
out there. I am firmly convinced for a number of reasons that the conventional
treatment protocols must be considered and used first. But each and every day
I come to realize how many other treatments are available after the first
three have run their course.
      The very near future is going to bring cure rates for most cancers up
into the seventy or eighty percent range, or perhaps even better, rather than
where we are at the present moment, around twenty to thirty?
      Now it is a game of statistics where by doing everything worthwhile,
including attitude adjustment, you hope to place yourself in the right
position statistically. You just have to focus on doing what is right for you
and being an informed consumer of medical services.
      The right mental attitude is very crucial right now.
      Hang in there for your dad. I am a dad and I know how much I appreciate
my children's support.
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