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[MOL] Lee Anne

Dear Lee Anne,
My heart goes out to you. I know how hard it is when you want so badly to
help someone, and can't. Many, many times I have done that (and will
again!). What Lillian said is true, and I know you understand that, but I
also know that you want to take your mum and shake the living daylights out
of her, then hug her, and convince her to do things 'your way'. It is very
hard to accept when a loved one makes decisions that are not necessarily
the ones you would have made. I still  think that 'If I'd just done this,
or said that, everything would have been ok' Even though logic tells me
that I did the best I could, and the final decision is up to your loved
one. all you can do is be there, keep getting information, and whatever you
do, take a break by all means, but don't neglect your own support needs.
You need as much support as your mum. Hang in there, we love you....
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