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Re: [MOL] Martha "Liz" Stewart

Now Carla,
You know it was Christine, not me that is the neatnick. Like you, I wish she'd come to my house now and then. I just keep thinking that some day I'll get organized; it never happens.

I got home from doing the show and am catching up on email messages and found my heart fluttering when I read of your neatness!! Geez, could you bring yourself to my house a couple of times a year? It scared me and it must have scared others.. for I see you are awaiting those men in the white jackets to come and take you away!! I sure hope that you know that if and when you need to learn to losen up on being a neatnick.. you've got a friend that you can come see who can truly teach you how the other half lives!! Me!! Take care my friend!! Carla

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