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Re: [MOL] Recommended book

      Dear Marty: You might want to consider adding to your list a book by
Richard Bloch called "Fighting Cancer". It can be obtained free of charge from
the Annette and Richard Bloch Foundation by calling toll free 1-800-433-0464.
      This book is what launched me on my journey. It contains many valuable
resources and much priceless information while recounting the story of Richard
and Annette's journey. The book is well written, keeping the story of their
journey somewhat in the background while extracting the pertinent points.
      But I think the most valuable result of reading the book is to realize
that there is a definite, positive and logical mental path to be followed in
dealing with our disease; i.e., one point was that we usually get only one
time around to deal with the disease; consequently, we had better do it right
the first time. For instance, it puts a whole new light on the second opinion.
One gets to realize how important, nay, critical this step is, and why the
pathology of each individual case becomes the most important part of that
important part, if I make my point!
      In my opinion, a book well worth reading.

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