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Re: [MOL] Prayers for Lizabeth

To all my MOL friends:
Thanks so much for the prayers and especially for the responses.  I am totally amazed that doctors will take the word of a total stranger and make medication changes without even asking who the hell I am.  Last night the oncologist came in and Lizabeth was sitting up in bed watching Jeopardy and "eating" and I use the term lightly and she "jokingly" said (which was a big improvement for her) "you have to take a 20 minute delay and wait till Jeopardy is over!  He DIDN'T laugh!  Just said "how is everything?" in a very cold, stone faced manner.   Of course I had another list and one of the items was the request for a full CT scan including the brain.  When Michael first broached the subject, the doctor just sort of nodded and didn't do anything but then when I asked about the slurred words, the "little old man shuffle" and the confusion he said "I'll order a brain scan but this type of cancer doesn't go to the brain!"  (At that point I was furious but kept my temper and my shoes on).  We asked about the appetite -what is a word for the opposite of suppresant?- thing to increase her appetite and he said he could order a change.  I asked about counseling and about home health care and he started writing things down.  Are these experiences totally unique to San Antonio?  I mean, maybe just being forceful and "sounding" like I know what the hell I am talking about gives me some credibility...I don't know...but, it amazes me that not a single doctor has asked who I am.  About 9:00 p.m. they came and got Lizabeth and took her for a CT scan.  I went home since her husband was staying with her last night.  Since I live about 35 miles from the hospital, I called when I got home to see if she was back from the scan and her husband answered and said that she had thrown up the little bit of supper that she had eaten.  They had come in and giver her the "appetite" med and it made her sick.  I am so ANGRY and FRUSTRATED!!!!Anyway...I went to bed and haven't spoken to either one of them today.  Keep those prayers going you guys...I can see them flying by like Bill said...we all need them.
Love, sylvia-Lizabeth's ------'champion' wrote:


Sylvia.  Poor Lizabeth!!!  I can't answer most of your questions.  I was hospitalized three times during my treatment -- the first time, they flubbed up putting the catheter thing in my chest and almost overdosed me on morphine (I don't remember this, of course); the second time, I got so dehydrated and nauseated I couldn't eat, and the third time, because the radiation burned my esophagus and it swelled to the point that I couldn't swallow.  They gave me Ativan, too -- and morphine, but I never slurred my words or imagined things -- I don't think.  I had absolutely sensational dreams, though.  I do not understand why the doctor seems so unconcerned about such a substantial weight loss!!  My radiation doctor is young, arrogant, and he was totally unconcerned about the radiation burns, too.  However, my oncologist wasn't unconcerned.  She was furious.  Don't doctors like that frustrate you?  The nurse was wheeling me downstairs for some kind of horrible procedure (taking a photograph of inside my throat), and we passed this doctor.  He smiled condescendingly and said, "Don't worry -- it'll heal."  The nurse muttered obscenities to herself.  In the meantime, I was in there for two weeks before I could eat anything.  They fed me intraveneously.  I'm surprise they aren't doing that for Lizabeth.  I gained ten pounds while I was in there, and promptly lost them after I got home.  I still haven't gained them back, but I eat like a horse.  You are obviously a wonderful friend to Lizabeth.  I'll pray hard for her.  I have a list now.  It's a good feeling to be praying for someone besides myself.  -- Kathy in Boise.