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[MOL] Kathy C

Hi Kathy,

You and I were at ISU for a couple of years at the same time. I was there
from '59 - '63. I majored in education with emphasis on public speaking,
debate and drama. Of course I took a lot of English classes as well. I
wonder if we were ever in the same classes.
>>Hi, Liz:  I went to Idaho State from 1961-1965.  Now you know how old I
>>am!!My husband's parents do like Yakima, and so do I.  I think the wine
>>country around there is beautiful.  We don't visit there as often as we
>>should, but we keep in touch with them.  Now that I'm feeling so much
>>better, maybe we'll take a trip over there soon.  It's always fun.  His
>>mother is a riot. -- Kathy in Boise.

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