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Re: [MOL] Prayers for Lizabeth

Dearest Bill,
Thank you so much, your post means so much to me.  Angel and Sylvia have never
been two words combined when I'm little devil comes quickly to mind.
I am taking care of myself and I promise that I will continue to do so.  When one
reaches my ripe old age, you know that there must be a happy median that you
maintain or everything goes to hell in a hand basket.  I hope we get the results
for Lizabeth's scan today.  You know, I was really anxious to come to work this
morning (not that I have done any "work") because I knew ALL of you would have
such wonderful advice and would boost my emotions right up to the sky.  I will
look up and see your prayers flying by.  You made me cry Bill, but it was a GOOD
cry.  Thanks,
Love, sylvia-Lizabeth's champion

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