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[MOL] thalidomide

My sister is 57 years old-resident of Colombia South America. 2years ago
operated for brain tumor which turned out to be melanoma. Other tumor in lung
also melanoma but inoperable. 2 years of Dtic and Dartmouth chemos directed by
Memorial Sloan Kettering have kept growth in check but she cannot withstand
any more and there are no more regimens for her that have shown success. She
now weighs 86 pounds and has had many bouts of respiratory illnesses including
TB (now negative) and pneumonia. She has intractable infection of lung lining.
Mny antibiotics given.
  Thalidomide is available in Colombia and she has an oncologist to give it
but he would like someone experienced in Thalidomide dosages to direct the
treatment for an 86 pound(normally 105 pounds) 57 year old woman.  She is
coming today to the New York area. Do you know anyone in the New York area (or
Boston to Wash DC corridor) or Miami area who would urgently help us out?
  Hope to hear from you soon(  she is a US citizen if that makes a difference)
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