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Re: [MOL] Prayers for Lizabeth

      Dear Sylvia: You are indeed an angel. If each and every one of us, that
is, those with cancer, had someone like you to support them in the manner that
you have your friend, we would all be better off and much closer to healing.
      In fact, it might not be such a bad idea to start a whole new
profession, dedicated to just that purpose. Or, perhaps we could just multiply
the patient advocates and move them into the job, making them live more fully
up to their job tittle. What do you think?
      However, you are dealing with a precious commodity, a good friend and
fellow human being, and as in all things pertaining to nature we must strike a
balance. If the balance is not achieved consciously and deliberately, Mother
Nature will do it for us. You must balance your needs as well, so that you can
be there for Lizbeth when she needs you most. That's in her best interest as
well as yours.
      I have four loving children, three of whom are married with children of
their own, and they all love me deeply. But there is nothing to compare to
what you are doing, which actually is an integral part of Lizbeths well-being.
One can feel the love.
      Stay strong and well, and take a little time for you now and then, so
that you may continue to be the most help to your friend.
      And look up every now and then. You will see our prayers go by.
      The only one of your questions that I can answer for sure is #3: very
definitely, a CAT scan is the way to go in looking for mets in the brain.
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