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[MOL] Greg

I just wanted to welcome you to mol-forum and share with you my heart felt prayers that things will begin to improve with the new chemo that you will be starting..
I hope that you have found some good books to help you stay on the track for wellness.  This cancering journey is a hard road and it can be easy to think about the sadness of it, yet the true blessings lie in the joy of discovery we can make each and everyday.  I think often about when I was growing up, I used to hear people talking about stopping to smell the roses.  It wasn't until I began on the cancering journey that I truly began to know the meaning of that and now I have found how to enjoy the beauty of a rose garden in full bloom in my heart.
We are so glad to have you become a part of one of the most wonderful groups of people that you will ever know and I pray that you will find the blessings here of a rose...  Carla