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[MOL] Fwd: Duchess of York Joins Special Chat about Breast Cancer


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<HTML><PRE><FONT COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3>Dear iVillager:<BR>
This year some 43 thousand women, some from our own iVillage community, will
die of breast cancer. In the war against this disease, our greatest weapon is
knowledge. That's why I'm very pleased to invite you to join Sarah, the
Duchess of York, and NBC News correspondent Betty Rollin for a <A
HREF="aol://4344:308.bcc_conf.6965158.591116713">special breast cancer
chat</A> this Tuesday, October 13, at 9pm ET on AOL Live.<BR>
iVillage's Better Health has joined forces with the National Alliance of
Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO), Cybergrrl and Weight Watchers
International to bring you this special event, which will also include
messages from television journalist Linda Ellerbee and model Stephanie
Seymour. The chat will be moderated by Amy Langer, NABCO director and herself
a 13-year breast cancer survivor.<BR>
We've also created a new <A
HREF="aol://4344:308.bcc_main.713801.590507014">Breast Care Center</A> at
Better Health, where you can find out more information about breast cancer
prevention and treatment. I hope you'll join us this Tuesday for what promises
to be an informative and inspirational evening.<BR>
Warmest regards,<BR>
Macdara MacColl<BR>
Vice President, Member Services, iVillage<BR>
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services, please respond to this email and so indicate. We will, of course,
honor your request.</PRE></HTML><BR>
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