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Re: [MOL] Bill

Hmmmmm Bill,

Seems like something you said one time before made me wonder if you were
Mormon but I never followed up on my hunch.  (Think maybe it was a comment you
made about caffeine??? or was it info. on genealogy?)( An aside here, our
stake center was broken into recently and our geneology computer(s) stolen, in
addition to much damage there were also many other electronics stolen.  So

It is nice to see fellow Mormons here, although I wish neither of us were here
at all -- as well as all molers..
However since we are all making this journey it is nice to have this forum to
support and guide us.

Where is it you are from (am sure I have heard before but....)?  I am in
Indiana, have been a Hoosier all my life.

Need to close, my love to you and yours,
Lee Anne
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