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Re: [MOL] Re: molers have me hope ..

I wish for you to have a nice visit with your Dad. Enjoy the time you spend
together and try to put some sunshine into his life. Share with him the
power of hope and a positive attitude. Look forward to hearing from you
when you return.

At 12:02 PM 12/10/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Christine, Nancy, Lillian , Mary, Joicy, Lee and all molers..
>Thank you so much for the beautiful responses that you all have send me.
>Believe me ...they have given me hope.
>Dear friends ....i'll be leaving for my home tonite to be with my father.
>i have taken a week off from my studies to be with him. Right now i am not
>able to concentrate on my studies at all.
>I know that my dad wants to continue with the studies. But he has become
>very weak and is in extreme pains ( as i told you he is undergoing
>Radiation therapy and chemo has still not started ). I want to be with him
>for some time till he atleast recovers a bit.
>Friends i dont know how to ask this. But nevertheless i have to. I am a
>student and have a scholarship for support. My dad had just retired before
>this thing happened ( he never thought that he 'll need a medical ins).
>Right now its ok but i foresee  problems
>on the financial front ). Does anybody of you know about philanthropic
>organisations which
>provide financial assistance in cancer treatment. Its ok if you dont ....i
>need your emotional support more than anything .
>I'll be off the molers net for the time i am with my dad . Will get ib
>touch with you as soon as i return.
> remember i am  going with a new vigour and
>hope...not to mention that my noler friends have a lot of credit.
>I'll be in touch with you all
>thank you 
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