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Re: [MOL] Liz'a Cat.

O.k., I'm so buried underneath e-mail that I'm not sure what began this
thread, but I have to tell you that you're not alone with sleeping with
your pet.  When I had cats (before I married Tom, who is allergic to cats
& dogs), I used to take them to bed with me.  They were so soft and
cuddly, and it'd be just heaven when they purred.  Oh, they'd try to
squirm away sometimes, but I was a young girl then and I knew to hold on
tight.  I'd often creep throughout the darkened house at night in search
of my cats.

Another cat I had was a stray country cat I'd found while I was visiting
my grandparents in Urbanna, Virginia.  He was probably a little
bad-tempered even when I got him, but I like to think that part of the
reason for his bad spirits was the name I gave him - Sir Pork Chops and
Bacon Grease ("Porky" for short).  I figured he sort-of looked a little
like a pig when I brought him home.  Nonetheless, my Mom and I were truly
saddened when he passed away from a growth in his stomach.

Another car I owned - Sweetie Pie - used to love to jump out and pat at
my feet as I walked past her.  And she'd wake me every morning by walking
across my face!  But she was such a sweet cat.  Wanted to be free,
though.  Raced for the door whenever it opened.  When I moved into a
place where I was unable to keep a cat, I gave Sweetie Pie to my friend
Michelle.  Unfortunately, Michelle wasn't as careful to keep her inside
as I had been, so Sweetie Pie got out and never returned - the second cat
Michelle lost that way.  

Anyway, that' my 2 cents worth.  I've become maybe a little less fond of
animals since I've been married to a non-pet-lover, and maybe since I've
had kids and don't *really* want to clean up after a pet now :-)  But I
really used to love them.  If I didn't have a family, I'd probably be
inclined to get another cat.

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