[MOL] Poem for Friday [00136] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Poem for Friday

Dear all,
    I wrote another poem and sent it to everyone before lunch but there has been no mail and now I can't find it in my "sent" file so I don't know what is up....I'll send it again and hope my friends get it this time.

                    SURROUNDED BY ANGELS
                        By Sylvia Lynn Boehme

The time has come the walrus said,
To speak of many things...
To tell each MOL'er on this line,
You all have Angel's Wings!

The people chosen to fight this fight,
Lay awake and wonder each night,
Why this has happened and what is the cause?
Some just cry, some pray, some pause.

But each of you is His Chosen One.
You must fight until the battle is won.
Take the love you find on this line,
Use the knowledge until you're done.

Angels surround you every day, so don't be afraid to say
"I'll fight this battle with all my rath, on every step I take on this path
I need the people on MOL, they are a family to me,
The love and encouragement of this line, never fails to set me free".

And if you give it all you have,
And still must say goodbye,
Know that those who are left behind
Have YOU in their hearts to stay.

Respectfully and lovingly submitted to all on this MOL line.  Have a wonderful, spirit filled weekend.

Love, sylvia-Lizabeth's friend