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Dear Sir ,
   I am so sorry to hear of your family members illness. Here are some
resources that may aid you in your search for help .

Doctors of the world

Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society
30 Nam Long Shan Road
Wong Chuk Hang 
Hong Kong 
tel + 852 2814 09 50
     +852 2814 12 32
FAx+ 852 2873 14 05
E-mail hkacs@netvigator.com

Shanghai Medical University
138 Yi Xue Yuan Road
Shanghai 200032
+86 21 404 1900 ext 210
Fax+86 21 403 8931

Tianjin Cancer Hospital Hospital & Institute
uan-hu-xi Road , Tiyuanbei
Tianjin 300060
+86 22 335 9958
+ 86 22 335 9984
E-mail tcih@v7610.tist.ac.cn

Clinical Trial Information

International Association for the Study of Cancer

This last site takes you through some of what your doctor does to classify ,
stage , diagnosis , and treatment options.
It didn't seem to offer any options for nsclc other then surgery , chemo or
radiation  , where as sclc had an option of oral doses of etoposide as an
option for those people who wouldn't tolerate chemo or radiation.
 A medical oncologist has in the past shared info on the net , his name is DR
Paul Roda MD ,FACP. His e-mail is paulroda@epix.net
I would search the NCI for CLinical Studies and call Doctors of the World to
get started . The medical resources in China are also excellent .
Good Luck And Hang Tough
Joseph Cane
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