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Re: [MOL] Sylvia - First the threat of Georges and now...!

Well dear Sylvia it seems like Texas took advantage of our Yankee 
distraction with Strawbery's Colon Cancer!  Watch out for tonight's game! 
I had to laugh about your kids...I think it is great that they have such 
pride...even if they do have to borrow from the Dominican Republic!LOL  
Of course, the real answer is that MM was the FIRST to break the record 
and the fact that BOTH men have been humble in their success and have 
shown exemplory sportsmanship!  There is a reason to be proud of both 
since they have sparked a spirit in baseball that has been missing for a 
long, long time...ever since the Brooklyn Dodgers left Brooklyn to follow 
the $$!!!!!

God Bless.

Sylvia Boehme wrote:
> You know MY guys were just takin' it easy on those mean ole Yankees to sort of
> lull them into a sense of false hope...I'll be watchin to so we can send vibes
> across the airways....hasn't this been a fantastic season with MM and Sosa?  I
> would get as excited as the kids everytime they would hit another.  Sort of a
> nice change from the day to day news of our leaders right?  Our school
> subscribes to Channel One.  It is a news program hosted by college kids that
> hits the high-lights of the news all across the world everyday.  We watch it for
> 15 minutes and then sometimes there is a great deal of discussion that follows -
> great new tool in education.  Anyway, the day that Sosa tied McGuire, we ended
> up having a heated discussion about the difference in the way Sosa was received
> and the things McGuire got.  My classroom is 98 % Hispanic and they all had
> convinced themselves that Sosa wasn't getting the same coverage and goodies
> because he was Mexican.(they wouldn't even listen when I told them he wasn't
> Mexican).  It was a heated debate for a few days...very interesting to say the
> least.  Anyway, it all became a moot point when Mark went so far ahead...made my
> life much easier.  How is your life going today?
> love, sylvia-Lizabeth's friend
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