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[MOL] Re: An Update on John

Dear John,

The "joys" that you will be taking on and fulfilling is a program of
Gods joys, as I mentioned to you in a previous message. While all you do
will be rewarding to many, as you touch each on their needs for healing,
pls keep in mind, as we have spoken, that the mission of this joy of
yours, should be in terms of your own moderation to stress levels as the
needs for your healing will be lifelong as it is with all of us. Once we
change the lifestyles in a healing program that is tailored for each of
our needs, we must never forget how and why we got this disease and we
must never become complacent once we are rid of this diseaes. So, while
and when you touch others, and advise them of stress management, pls
understand that you also must continue for the rest of your life on this
healing program. Healing means with joy and forever. The task or
undertaking that you will be performing will be Godly, goodly and with
unconditional love. Remember that my Brother, and the key is to love
yourself first. For when your program becomes successful and I have no
doubt that it will, we need to keep you well so those after that may 
benefit from your "giving of joy and healing". So, take care of yourself
first, one step at a time, touch others as you touch us and touch
yourself first with each daily reminder.......that affirming love for
God and yourself is a reminder that the healing process is always and
neverending and can be and should be rewarding.

God Bless
hope this makes sense.
your Brother

John wrote:
> To all my dear friends,
> I have been a bit on the quiet side these past few weeks and will
> probably continue in that role for a while.  I felt it only right to let
> those nearest and dearest to me know what is going on in my life.  Well
> let me just sum it all up by saying that The March has had a powerful
> impact on my life and served as the turning point for my activity.  I am
> now devoting most of my attention to two major endeavours that I pray
> will result in having some positive effects.
> The first project is the initiation of a cancer support group that I'm
> calling "Out Cancer"...as in 'get the cancer out' / and also in hoping
> those with cancer will 'get out' to get the help they need.  I am
> modeling the program after Greg Anderson's plan and also the material
> that our brother Marty collected and organized.  I now have a commitment
> of meeting space and some speekers and will now set a date, advertise,
> and PRAY!  I have a great deal of reading and organizing to do over the
> next three weeks so I will not have too much time to keep up with
> mol...I'll let all know if I have to unsubscribe for a while.
> The second project is somewhat related to the first but will be much more
> challenging and has potential for having national impact.  I've been
> asked to develop an out-reach program for cancer patients by my employer
> which is also a National Cancer Center.  This would entail taking the
> first program of a support group to a much higher level including
> professional staff of spiritual counselors, neutritionists, biologists,
> genetic counselors, psychologists, oncologists, and social workers.  It
> will include putting together a team to service the generalized needs of
> most cancer patients to guide and assist them through the journey.  This
> project will be done probably as a research study comparing a group of
> similar parients treated only through traditional hospital means with
> those enroled in the supportive program.
> If the second program can be sanctioned by the NCI, it would mean quicker
> integration of many of the things that we have been discussing on
> mol-cancer (including, Marty, your wellness program!) into general
> clinical practice.  When I start to doubt myself, I start feeling like a
> foolish dreamer...but this is one dream I am willing to go out with!
> What is that old saying..."Nothing ventured, Nothing gained!"  Please
> know that I will be open to any and all suggestions.  I have been
> gathering suggestions on alternatives and complimentary measures for as
> long as I've been on mol-cancer (yes, even Noni juice!) and intend to put
> them before a panel of experts and see which they feel worth going for,
> why and how.  Most of all, I will need your prayers and encouragement in
> keeping focused on these two goals...I feel it is what God has been
> steering me towards.  Thank you for listening and I'll certainly keep you
> posted.
> God Bless and I love you all.
> John
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