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Dearest Marty,
After I fell apart, I called the doctor.  It was my white blood cells that was
low.  I them read about it from my chemo class papers.  I am not supposed to
go lower than 3.0, mine was 2.7, thats low but not that low.  Is there
anything I can do to bring this up before Tuesday?  Like eating or what.  I
have tried to go online and find something out.  Just went to 20 different
places.  Went a little crazier and then went and took a nap.  I could feel
something was wrong, because I was getting fatigue more than usual, and light
headed.  That all goes along with low white blood count.  Thanks for
responding and you did help me tremendously.
P.S. Still not getting Mol e-mails.
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