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Where do I start?  Last night I spent the night at the doctors office.
I had gone there under the assumption that I was to be measured for
oxygen.  The tec. started placing wires on my head and I said to him "I
am being measured for oxygen, aren't I?  To my dismay, he said "no".  So
we talked further and I explained I was not angry with him; but that he
was to tell the doctor I would be calling today.  Instead I was placed
on the breathing machine; which I must admit I did well on, they have a
new one that is not a full facial mask.....The point is, the tec. said
that he felt this would take care of my oxygen levels and he was so
surprised to find out that the Doctor had not called me and told me what
they would be doing.....  this morning, bright and early, like 5:00 a.m.
I awoke and he said I could go home.  I asked him when he thought I
would be given an appointment with the Doctor and he tells me I am
through, the rest can all be done by him by phone.
Now if this more natural way works for me and I don't need oxygen that
is definitely wonderful new's.  The point of my anger is that no one
choose to tell me and it is just one more time I get to find out how
inept doctors can be.  I will need to count to 10 before I speak to the
Doctor; as I am really angry.  Anyway, it's great to be back to MOL!
Hope everyone has a good day, hugs and kisses, lillian

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