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[MOL] LeAnne

Hi LeAnne

Well let's see I'm around 5'5".  But for most of my adult life I was
BUT when I was married in 1989 I exploded to 165 in about 8 months of
marriage.  Yes I was a happy housewife who learned how to cook and cook and
I'm still very happy and cooking and cooking and cooking.  I'm 1/2 Italian and
1/2 Polish so you see I have the best of both. (However, I hate Polish food)
When I had my son in 1995 I gained an awful amount of weight due to
complications and was bedridden (not too long cause I couldn't stand it).   I
quess I want to lose 40 lbs now and I'm trying to conceive so it's hard.  I
wanted to have kids when I was thin but the good Lord made me wait to have
this wonderful child.  Now I'm dieting again, actually I'm finally watching
what I eat.  I have a high fiber diet and drink alot.  I'm hoping to someday
get my weight back to 120lbs but if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen, but
unfortunately EVERYONE in the family reminds me everyday yes EVERYDAY that I
was a thin like a twig.  I was so thin that I looked sickly.  Now there is
more to me to love RIGHT EVERYONE?

Just to change the subj: I may not have had a change to tell you welcome
aboard but pleae know that I pray for your mom every day also.  You must keep
faith and be strong. My mom has colon cancer and I too live with the fact that
she is ill and cancer is a killer.  But I encourage and encourage and
encourage her to eat every day she lost 70lbs from this disease.  I pray that
everyone in this world will never hear of cancer. I pray that the government
wakes up and devotes more money to cancer research and cures than to help
CLINTON and his sex acts get off free.  
Love, (((HUGS))), Kisses
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